Ozri 2015 GIS Generations

Whats new in Esri Maps for Office 3.0?

Esri Maps for Office is a great example of how a little thing (an app) can make such a difference to a large number of people across an organisation.



At Ozri 2015, I got to present a very brief overview of the new developments to Esri Maps for Office making it even easier for non-traditional GIS users to leverage the capability of Web GIS within a familiar productivity platform – namely Microsoft Office.

I shouldn’t be amazed but I am, every time that I get to show Esri Maps for Office to a new or existing client the reaction is the same – Wow! Just the other day, a newcomer to the ArcGIS platform was totally blown away at what they could do with Esri Maps for Office. Something that he had been trying to do for days was simplified and achieved in a couple of minutes through Excel and the Esri Maps for Office plugin.

The great news is that there is fantastic documentation and support to get you going with Esri Maps for Office – there is no point me repeating it here so instead, I will send you off to some of the links that I have found invaluable,

’til later Happy Mapping!



Esri Maps for Office Documentation

Esri Maps for Office 3.0 Announcement

Getting to know Esri Maps for Office 3.0 part 1

Getting to know Esri Maps for Office 3.0 part 2

Be an Excel ninja with ArcGIS data enrichment

Be an Excel ninja part 2

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