Five minutes with an Esri Australia trainer – Jack Bowrey

Jack Bowrey - Senior Consultant, Esri Australia

Jack Bowrey – Senior Consultant, Esri Australia

Meet Jack Bowrey – one of Esri Australia’s senior consultants, and a specialist in developing strategic training and workforce capability plans.  To give you a little more insight into Jack, the spatial enthusiast spent five minutes in the hot seat answering our questions.

EA: Tell us about the responsibilities of
your role as an Esri Australia Professional Services senior consultant?

JB: In my role within the training leadership group, I work closely with clients –
particularly within the national security sector – to develop and implement strategic workforce capability and training plans based on organisational roles and responsibilities. I also develop new training methods and materials and provide training services to our broad range of clients.

EA: What do you enjoy most about your job?

JB: The ability to provide truly transformative experiences to organisations and individuals through training and technology. Seeing how well-planned, comprehensive GIS solutions can benefit clients is very rewarding.

EA: How did you end up at Esri Australia? What’s your career background?

JB: I was a geospatial officer in the Australian Army for several years, where I managed and trained geospatial-intelligence teams to support the Australian Defence Force operations and training. I used Esri technologies within all these roles, so joining Esri Australia’s training team was a natural progression.

EA: What’s the coolest thing you’ve learned since being in this role?

JB: How GIS has further reach and faster growth than I had ever imagined. GIS has really democratised the technology beyond the reach of the expert, and that’s something I’m excited to be a part of.

EA: Why do you enjoy conducting training sessions?

JB: Not only am I fortunate to work with a variety of people and organisations, I’m also able to pass on knowledge that can help solve complex and important challenges and make workflows easier. I too am able to learn while training about new and exciting developments in the spatial industry, as well as from the clients themselves who come to our training with broad range of experiences.

EA: What’s your advice to clients considering GIS training?

JB: Firstly, I would encourage a visit to the Esri Australia training website to see the different training courses and methods we offer. There’s also the option of developing a geospatial training solution that’s best suited to individuals or an organisation’s need – beyond the scope of scheduled training courses.

EA: What Esri training course would you like to undertake – and why?

JB: It would have to be Introduction to ArcGIS Pro for GIS Professionals. ArcGIS Pro has lots of new features and I’d love to explore the latest functionalities of the software.

EA: Outside of work – what’s your idea of fun?

JB: Enjoying bucket loads of black coffee, watching loud, live music, and hiking the countryside that Australians are so lucky to live in.

EA: What’s one thing people don’t know about you?

JB: I have an addiction to vinyl records – listening to and collecting them. This is starting to present a storage nightmare at home!

EA: At Esri Australia – we’re all about geography, so where’s your favourite destination in the world?

JB: Istanbul – it’s very hard not to be charmed by the city’s people, the landscape, history and energy.

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