Add to your GIS toolkit with new workshops

A series of new hands-on workshops have just been made available. Originally debuted at Ozri 2015, the workshops cover a range of topics including ArcGIS Pro, web apps and Python and vary in length from half-day to full day.

Featuring practical content delivered by Esri Australia’s certified technical specialists, these workshops offer GIS professionals the chance to get better acquainted with ArcGIS Pro, AppStudio for ArcGIS and customer analytics, while programmers can sharpen their Python skills with an ArcPy session.

Find out what’s in store for each workshop:

ArcGIS Pro: the basics

Learn the key skills to navigate ArcGIS Pro – including best practice for organising projects, and how to interact with ribbon-based interface.

This hands-on workshop will allow you to work with Australian data on a common workflow – including mapping results – and will assist you with performing basic analysis.

Getting started with customer analytics

Work through your own customer information by using the geoenrichment features of ArcGIS Online and get familiar with the basics of geocoding – including MDS geocoder – data generalisation and the use of statistical geography to map trade areas.

This workshop will also teach you how to identify demographics, buyographics and other socio-economic descriptors.

ArcGIS Pro: functionality and workflows

Get ready to unlock the advanced functionality of ArcGIS Pro, including 2D and 3D integration, terrain analysis, and advanced geoprocessing.

Experience ArcGIS Pro’s user-friendly interface, and learn how the new functionality can be applied to your own workflows.

ArcPy: improving your efficiency by integrating Python into your existing workflows

Find out how common Python tools like cursors, loops and functions can improve your day-to-day work.

By using these tools in a hands-on workshop, you’ll be able to solve a series of geoprocessing tasks, in addition to learning vital skills applicable to real-world scenarios in an Australian context.

ArcPy.Mapping: the cartography and Python programming challenge

Collaborate, design and build an arcpy.mapping script, combining the functions and classes required for cartographic-quality output.

Data and guidance will be provided by Esri Australia specialists, but the rest is up to you. Come and flex your mapping muscles with your fellow programmers.

AppStudio for ArcGIS bootcamp

Delve into the world of AppStudio for ArcGIS and learn how to build and demonstrate proof-of-concept applications and create consumer-friendly mobile apps with the software templates.

No developer skills are required, although a brief programming introduction will be delivered. It is strongly recommended you’re already familiar with building map tours, web maps and feature services.

If you are interested in participating in these workshops, in conjunction with our other training options on offer, please contact the training services team on

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