Five minutes with an Esri Australia trainer – Nathaniel Meyer

Nathaniel Meyer_Image

Nathaniel Meyer – Senior Consultant, Esri Australia

Meet Nathaniel Meyer – one of Esri Australia’s senior consultants – and a specialist in ArcGIS for Desktop and geodatabases. To help you get to know Nathaniel better, he spent five minutes in the hot seat answering our questions.

EA: Tell us about your role as a senior consultant/trainer at Esri Australia what are you responsible for?
NM: I’m a member of the training team where I am responsible for developing new eLearning content and mentoring our extended training family. I am also responsible for delivering the geodatabase and desktop courses.

EA: What do you love most about your job?
NM: The opportunity to constantly learn new things, working within a team of passionate GIS professionals, and being able to get out and about to meet clients and help them improve their GIS skills.

EA: How did you end up at Esri? What’s your career background?
NM: After graduating from the University of Western Sydney with a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in information systems, I pursued my interest in relational database management systems and GIS by working in a variety of roles. In 2013, I joined Esri Australia as part of the Professional Services team.

EA: What’s the coolest thing you’ve learned since being in this role?
NM: For me, having a background in databases, learning how the underlying tables and triggers work in a multiuser geodatabase was pretty cool. This has enabled me to leverage my information systems knowledge and apply it in a GIS context.

EA: Why do you enjoy conducting training sessions?
NM: I enjoy imparting my knowledge and assisting people. It is also a great opportunity to hear how others use GIS, and I often find myself learning a new thing or two from clients as well.

EA: What’s your advice to clients considering undertaking some training?
NM: Consider your training course objectives and determine how these relate to your work. Have some real-world projects in mind so you can connect the course content to your own practical examples, and if possible bring along your own data to work with.

EA: What Esri training course would you like to undertake – and why?
NM: I would have to say Exploring ENVI is one training course I would like complete. I am passionate about technology and interested in the analysis capabilities using hyperspectral imaging.

EA: Outside of work – what’s your idea of fun?
NM: Motorcycles are my big passion. I enjoy riding a variety of bikes – both on the road and track – as well as repairing and customising them. I am also a fan of live music and appreciate good whisky or pale ale.

EA: What’s one thing people don’t know about you?
NM: I can MIG weld and have a titanium nail holding my left leg together. That’s two!

EA: At Esri Australia – we’re all about geography, so where’s your favourite destination in the world?
NM: Without a doubt Vancouver, BC. Not just because I was born there, but it’s a beautiful city where the mountains meet the sea. There’s also plenty of fantastic snow skiing, and it’s home to most of my extended family, as well as my favourite hockey team.

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