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Thinking is shifting on Web GIS

Last night saw the July 2014 release of ArcGIS Online roll out and with it, some great new features and capabilities across the board. There’s something for everybody with enhancements to the Map Viewer, ready to use apps and application templates, and administration.
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Recap of Canberra Directions 2014

Thanks to all who braved the rain on Friday to attend Directions 2014 in Canberra. It was great to see such a good crowd. A show of hands during Gary Farmer’s welcome suggested that a significant number were at their first Directions event. That was really good to see and we hope it’ll be the first of many.

The theme of this year’s Directions tour is “sharpening your skills” and the sessions during the day are designed to stimulate thinking around how users can get more from their ArcGIS with a mix of new tools, smart ways to use existing tools, and general tips and techniques to be more productive when using the software.

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ArcGIS Online: the evolution continues

ArcGIS Online is evolving at a rapid pace – there’s no doubt about it. As I was putting my fingers to the keyboard for this final part of a three part series on the December release, Esri announced another major release on 19 March. My plan for the final part of this trilogy was to discuss Task Services – and I will cover that off, in what will now be an overview of the March release. Continue reading

ArcGIS Online continues to evolve

The main purpose of this, and a couple of following posts is to provide an update on the continued evolution of the ArcGIS Online platform, and to explore some specific enhancements that were made in the December 2012 release. However, before diving in to that, I want to step back from the functionality and reflect for a moment on the bigger picture.

During the second half of last year, I had an opportunity to view ArcGIS from the outside world and gain some fresh perspective on ArcGIS in the Enterprise – something I’ve spoken about many times at various Esri Australia events in various different contexts. With the benefit of this new lens, a couple of “trees” really stood out for me that I’d previously been too deep in the forest to really appreciate. Continue reading

ArcGIS 10.1: Planning for success

With the general release of ArcGIS 10.1 occurring two weeks ago, the early adopters amongst you may have already downloaded and installed the software. For the majority of you however, I would guess that you’re watching with interest and intend to move to 10.1 as part of your forward planning. Whether your interest is now or later, here is some information and resources to help you effectively plan for the upgrade.

10.1 the new ArcGIS

10.1: the new ArcGIS

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ArcGIS 10.1 is here!

Today’s release of ArcGIS 10.1 is arguably one of the most significant releases for some time. Yes – it’s got plenty of new and improved features that will be well received by the existing GIS community and I’ll cover the highlights shortly. However in my opinion, it’s the capabilities baked into 10.1 that allow it to extend GIS out to non-traditional audiences that are really make you stop and think about the possibilities.

ArcGIS 10.1

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Your place in the Cloud

Chances are that many of you reading this are the “go to” people in your respective organisations when it comes to satisfying your community’s thirst for the great maps, apps, and data that you are producing. That’s great – it’s testimony to the great work you do, but there is a downside – you can end up servicing the same, or very similar requests time after time, and you can end up getting bogged down by the sheer volume you have to deal with.

I’d hazard a guess the community you serve, whether it’s internal staff, customers, or the general public, is also growing by the day as more and more people switch onto the value of maps and spatial. My observation is that along with this exponential rise in interest in all things GIS, there is a matching increase in people’s expectations that they can just access your “stuff” from wherever they are and it won’t take a degree in GIS to do it. Continue reading

Making sense of the jargon

There are an increasing number of acronyms, abbreviations and technical jargon items to get our heads around these days in the GIS industry, and I’m sure we used our fair share of them at the recent Technology Directions events!

A number of people attending the events indicated that they would find a glossary or similar resource useful to help them make sense of the rapidly changing GIS and IT terminology in common use today.

Rather than attempt to provide a comprehensive list here, I’ll recommend a page on the Esri-operated site that brings together links to a number of Esri and other GIS dictionary and glossary resources.


Between them, you’ll find a good definition of what you’re looking for.

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