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Thoughts from the front row

Over the past two days, I had the pleasure of being MC for the first two cities of the Directions Live 2016 roadshow as we kicked off the tour in Melbourne and Adelaide.

As the MC I got a front-row seat for all of the Esri Australia and guest presentations, and I thought I’d take the opportunity to jot down some thoughts on the key themes that stood out for me. So here goes … Continue reading

When a map isn’t the answer

Maps are everywhere. We have them in our cars and our phones and on websites from AirBnB to Woolworths to our health insurer.

I love maps. They’re beautiful. They can help reveal new patterns and relationships in data that couldn’t be discovered in any other way and they help us find the way to that elusive new secret whiskey bar.

But the map isn’t always the right tool to help you understand what’s around you.

Sometimes we’re too map-centric. Sometimes we need to switch to a more location-centric view of the world.

Continue reading

Geography, Retail and the Internet of Things

Everyone and everything is more connected today than ever. From umbrellas that know if it’s going to rain to cars that can make navigation decisions based on the colour of an upcoming traffic light.

These connections are made possible by the Internet of Things (IoT) – the idea that as things connect to the internet we can use the continuous stream of data to drive new possibilities.

With an incredible 16 billion wirelessly connected things today the amount of data being generated is enormous and presents significant opportunity to understand the interactions and relationships between people and devices. The push now is to show how this can deliver real value to your business – enter the Analytics of Things (AoT). Continue reading

One dataset – many uses

On the weekend I was out walking my dog through the local parks in my area. This always gives me a lot of time to think. On Sunday morning – as I was strolling aimlessly through the park – I started thinking about the park dataset that my local council maintains and how many uses that one dataset would have.  Continue reading

The role of GIS in building a more resilient Australia

Gary Johnson is Esri Australia's Principle Consultant for Financial Services

I’m presenting at a joint Australian Property Institute and Spatial Industry Business Association (SIBA) seminar in June looking at the role of location intelligence in the area of natural disasters.

This year Australia and Asia Pacific countries have been hit by some of the worst natural disasters in recent history.  The clean up bill from the Queensland floods alone is estimated at $5bn, with an indirect cost to the Australian economy of $9bn.  The natural disasters in Australia have also ensured the spotlight has been shining brightly on the insurance industry in recent months, and in March,  the federal government announced the Natural Disaster Insurance Review to provide a wide ranging review of natural disaster insurance in Australia. Continue reading