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Ozri 2015 GIS Generations

City Lights – Ozri , on top of the world

As soon as we started walking down the narrow lane-way we knew we were in for a classic Melbourne night.  When we reached the Luminare rooftop we weren’t disappointed – what a view!  We really were on top of the world and with the Melbourne skyline as our backdrop, the stage was set for another great Ozri Gala Dinner.

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ArcGIS Marketplace, tech hub for ArcGIS Online

Late last year Esri launched a place for our partners to host their hard work – the ArcGIS Marketplace.

When I talk about partners, I’m talking about organisations which are part of the Esri Partner Network – an ecosystem of innovative GIS and IT professionals who are pushing the boundaries of the technology and extending the ArcGIS platform.

ArcGIS Marketplace is a one-stop shop for our partners to showcase their apps and data to the global Esri community.  It is an easy way for any ArcGIS user to access partner solutions via their ArcGIS Online Organisational Plan.

This month, Full Extent launched the first locally developed ArcGIS Marketplace App – Geo-Publisher.

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Training pricing. Simplified.

With each new release of ArcGIS, we like to take the opportunity to re-evaluate our training offerings, and look at how we can do things better and smarter.

A key focus of the recent 10.1 release is making it simpler than ever before to put mapping and geospatial analytics into the hands of more people.

In keeping with this simplification theme, we’ve streamlined our training pricing model, with all training courses now at the same daily price.  In simplifying our training pricing, the cost of the majority of our courses will decrease.

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Change is as good as a holiday

It’s good to be back at work, isn’t it? I won’t lie – it’d be nice to be back sitting on the beach; but if I can’t be on holiday then why not make some changes to kick the New Year off with gusto!  And where better to start than with our website…

You may have noticed some changes to the Esri Australia website – including the training pages – already. We’re in the process of redesigning so currently our training content isn’t up to full strength. We have kept all the key information you need including the latest schedule, training paths and course descriptions.  You can also book online using our new improved shopping cart and of course still use our course registration form.

As for the rest of the content, the first release of new training pages is scheduled for completion in the coming weeks. The new training pages will feature all the usual information. But wait there is more – over the coming months we will continue to add new content and interactive features to make it easier to find what you need and help you make a decision on what’s the best course for you.

We’re also re-launching our training e-newsletter –what was formerly known as the Training Bulletin will become Training Directions. Make sure you receive this new e-newsletter, by registering here.

We’re excited to bring you the new training pages – but in the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Laura B

Ozri training wrap up

It was great to catch up with everyone at Ozri, it’s always good to hear what everyone has been up to throughout the year.  Melbourne put on great weather too which is always nice 🙂

I had a number of people come to me with questions about training and certification during the conference. So… just in case you’ve been wondering the same thing I thought I’d share these with you – the top 5 Training FAQs from Ozri 2011! Continue reading

Ozri 2011 – this time next week.

Did you know Ozri turns 25 this year? Things have certainly evolved since 1986… and this year at Ozri, there’s one particular thing that’s new, Certification. When you’re at Ozri next week, I want you to take note of what some of the Esri Australia staff are wearing: special badges that highlight qualifications in Esri Technical Certification!

It’s not just about fashion (although they do look pretty cool) – Esri Australia staff have been testing their knowledge of Esri software and many have been going back to what they were doing in 1986.. sitting exams!  Make sure you check out who is wearing an Esri Technical Certification badge, and have a chat to them about their experience.

Esri Technical Certification is available to all Esri users and is a way of recognising individuals who are proficient in the best practices of  Esri technology.

There is plenty of information on the Esri Technical Certification page but make sure you come and ask one of our Certified staff about it (you can tell who they are because they’ll be wearing the badges!).

Look forward to catching up next week,

Laura B.

The Ozri learning bubble

If you have a flip through the Ozri program you can see there’s more on offer this year than ever before.  As usual though, there is a lot to choose from including technology focused sessions and panels focussed on best practice and industry trends. From a training perspective, I like to think of Ozri as one large learning bubble… For example, there will be: Continue reading

Certification is here…. Are you prepared?

Esri Technical Certification has launched in Australia (and around the globe).  You can be involved, all you need to do is visit the dedicated certification page and click on…

Hang on a second, how do we prepare? The website states that most exams can take up to two and half hours. You can cover a lot about GIS in that time. When I was preparing I was a little bit daunted about the scope of topics I needed to cover in my preparation.

So, how do you prepare? And are there any resources to help? – –  These are both valid questions – – and you know my answer is going to  be “yes of course there is more info”.  In the training bulletin this month, we chatted to Jamie Rosa from Esri’s Certification program and asked her these very questions. You can read the bulletin to see in detail what Jamie had to say, here is a bit of an overview. Continue reading