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Ozri 2014

Welcome to ArcGIS Pro

We can all be ArcGIS Pro(s) with this new desktop application

ArcGIS ProArcGIS Pro is the newest member of the desktop family and the product of user feedback, requests and desired functionality. This is the first 64-bit Esri desktop application and the next generation of ArcGIS for Desktop.

What you saw today are just some of the highlights that this new application has to offer. Kellie explored the new user interface with multiple views and layouts. We looked at how easy it is to create great maps with the intuitive dynamic ribbons that only show us the tools we need when we need them.

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Recap of Sydney Directions 2014: real-time, 3D, mobile, spatial analysis and more!

With the last of our clients heading home after Sydney Directions, I thought it would be a great time to reflect on Directions 2014.


The morning started with how ArcGIS is a platform for your organisation. I know this is something that you have been hearing from us for a while now, but with the addition of new data formats, such as real-time, and the coming addition of 3D being available to us anywhere, anytime and on any device, and an ability to be offline – this statement is more true than ever before.

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Esri’s Gert van Maren showed us at Ozri how CityEngine is bringing easy 3D content creation to ArcGIS 10.2. The 3D GIS benefits will clearly improve our understanding of environmental analysis and make it easier to communicate and solve 3D problems, seeing as our world is 3D! We can use ArcGIS for:

  • Multiscale 3D models from global to building interior perspectives;
  • 3D Geodesign;
  • ArcGIS for 3D Cities;
  • Native LiDAR support;
  • Surface modelling;
  • 3D analysis;
  • Integrated 3D; and,
  • Sharing 3D Scenes.


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Ozri 2013: The Art of Cartography


Boring maps begone! Keera Pullman and I joined forces to cover different and innovative techniques that can be used for 2D and 3D cartography. There are always new and interesting ways to convey information in a spatial context, and when used effectively, help mapmakers tell a more powerful story.

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Just one more sleep until Ozri 2013!


With only one more sleep to go, the Ozri 2013 program is looking jam-packed with some incredible headliners!

Never before have we had such a technically diverse line-up of presenters. Some of our most anticipated Esri superstars include:


Bern Szukalski – Product Strategist and Technical Evangelist:
Bern will walk you through the steps for success with ArcGIS Online. He will also discuss his latest project – the Living Atlas, and show you how to use Story Maps as an effective communication medium.


Ishmael Chivite – ArcGIS for Server Senior Product Manager:

Ismael will tell you what’s new in ArcGIS 10.2, introduce you Portal for ArcGIS, and show you how to web enable databases using ArcGIS.


Gert van Maren – Product Management Lead for 3D:
Gert will provide an insight into all things 3D and the GeoDesign story. He will also discuss working with 3D Analyst and CityEngine and show you how to do feature and volumetric analysis with 3D Analyst.

Ron Allum
We will also have a touch of Hollywood in our midst, with intrepid deep-sea adventurer Ron Allum taking us to a journey to the bottom of the ocean floor as he describes his latest underwater mapping project. Ron will also relive his record-breaking collaboration with Hollywood heavy-weight, Director James Cameron on the Deepsea Challenger.

And if that’s not enough, we’ll be following Alex Moss from ShipShapeSearchers around the Australian coastline as they look to uncover shipwrecks.

We can’t wait for Ozri! Who are you most looking forward to seeing? Check out the full program here and if you haven’t already done so – don’t forget to register!


Ozri Update: Stream B Session Snapshot

We’ve been treated to more great presentations in Stream B this afternoon.

Lisa Cornish took to the stage first with an in-depth presentation around the crucial role of data.gov.au plays within the Australian Government and how this whole-of-government portal creates invaluable understanding, connection and communication with the general public.

Following afternoon tea we heard from one of our platinum sponsor NAVTEQ who demonstrated some new 3D capabilities which are now available with NAVTEQ data and ArcGIS technology – very cool!! It’s great to see these demonstrations showing how real clients are benefiting from these emerging GIS technologies.

I am most definitely enjoying my first Ozri experience! 🙂

Shannon W.

To find out more about these presentations, please contact us via email.

Ozri Update: What’s New in Desktop

Just walked out of the first What’s New in Desktop session – so much to cover and such little time!

Damian and I spoke about a lot of new features including new tools to help streamline and improve the editing experience. I could definitely feel the excitement when I showed the new editor tracking functionality, a key new feature that can be enabled easily for any feature class through Catalog.

Mapping and visualisation, something that I am extremely passionate about also generated some ohs and ahs as attendees saw for the first time the new dynamic legend capability that can even be integrated with Data Driven Pages, as well as the enhanced searching capability and generalisation tools. Continue reading

Technology Directions – Popular Questions

What version of Python comes with ArcGIS 10? Can I batch validate my data reviewer jobs at a particular time of day? What is this COLLADA data format? These are just some of the questions that people came up and asked me during the recent Technology Directions roadshow. It is always so fantastic to have people come up and ask us about parts of the software and how they could use it, so I thought I would share the answers with you.

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Want some Direction?

Hello friends! Just a friendly reminder – our next Technology Directions seminars (or “Tech Directions” as I will refer to them as, for the sake of laziness) are just around the corner. Registration is open and you have to sign up soon or else you’ll miss out! And I’m serious… The last round of Tech Directions, which ran in June/July, was at capacity – and we’re expecting these ones to fill up fast too.

So why are Tech Directions so popular? It’s because they are a source of really useful, really practical information about your GIS. Some of the best in the business will show you how you can exploit GIS to be more productive and efficient in your day-to-day job. And when it comes to work, we all want to make life easier, right?  Continue reading

Esri Local Government User Group Meeting – August 2010

Last Friday (13th August), Jeremie Comarmond of Esri Australia and Susie Kempson of Melbourne City Council hosted the Esri LG meeting at the council offices of the City of Melbourne. There was a pretty large crew there, representing LGA’s from not only metro Melbourne, but also around the state.

The four main themes discussed were

–          3D

–          Data and Data Capture – 3D Point Clouds

–          GIS Applications, ArcGIS and Dekho

–          Base maps from MDS and Esri

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