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APUC 2013: Increased Productivity Using ENVI Image Analytics in the ArcGIS Ecosystem

Today I did a presentation with Cherie from Exelis on ENVI analytics in ArcGIS. Those in the room learned how ENVI goes beyond the image background by performing analysis on imagery. We also touched on topics such as quantifying change detection and passing through to ArcGIS, as well as how extracting items from imagery is based on not just spectral characteristics, but also spatial characteristics such as size and shape.

Gordon talking about Envi

We highlighted the integration between ArcGIS and ENVI, which has become simple and intuitive, and also revealed how image processing is now no longer solely the domain of the image specialist, as any user with knowledge of imagery can use the tools.

Gordon S.

APUC 2013: Cartographic Best Practices

Hello from Singapore!

Cartography (or Carto as I refer to it) is a favourite topic of mine and when I get started, I can talk about mapping and visualisation for well… hours.  So having to talk for just 45 minutes meant I needed to focus on one key message;

When it comes to cartography it’s time to Think Big!

Thinking big is about putting cartography at the heart of every enterprise GIS system. It’s about data aligned to cartographic standards, ready to be used across multiple products, in varying formats. It’s about map outputs ready to print “on demand”, published to the web or easily packaged up to share. All of this whilst maintaining all important cartographic industry standards.

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From an ArcGIS 11 sneak peek, to an inside look at the SLA – here are the APUC Plenary Highlights

88c5f7da4c2111e397980e9c793a57d2_8APUC kicked off Wednesday morning with an exceptional array of presentations from some of the ‘who’s who’ in the global GIS community. There were compelling user presentations (such as Singapore Land Authority and Downer New Zealand), and leading technology experts (such as 3D king Eric Wittner). And APUC attendees even got the world’s first look at what’s coming in ArcGIS 11.

But for me – there were three highlights in particular.

Firstly, the plenary began with a moving address from Esri Singapore Managing Director Leslie Wong, who spoke about what makes Asia special and unique – its resilience against adversity.

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APUC 2013: ArcGIS Online Steps for Success

Thanks to everyone who attended the ArcGIS Online Steps for Success session presented by John Hasthorpe and I this afternoon. John and I are passionate about making organisations successful with their ArcGIS Online organisational subscriptions and it was great to see such a high level of interest and enthusiasm around the topic from you all.

Key takeaway messages from the session were to: surround yourself with good people, and pay close attention to the detail.

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