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Five minutes with an Esri Australia trainer – Andrew White


Andrew White – Consultant, Esri Australia

Meet Andrew White – one of Esri Australia’s Consultants and a specialist in ArcGIS for Desktop and Server. We spent five minutes with Andrew to find out what inspires him to help clients reach their full GIS potential.

EA: Tell us about your role as a Consultant for Professional Services at Esri Australia – what are you responsible for?

AW: In my support role, I assist clients with any ArcGIS Desktop and Server queries they may have. As a trainer, I teach the ArcGIS foundation courses, including: Introduction to GIS, Essential Workflows and Performing Analysis.

EA: What do you love most about your job?

AW: The diversity of my role, working in a team, and the opportunity to share my GIS knowledge with others – whether it be through teaching a course or providing technical support to clients.

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Five minutes with an Esri Australia trainer – Chris Sherwin

Trainer Chris Sherwin is a whiz at using scientific applications to solve spatial problems. We spent five minutes speaking with him to find out what motivates him to help students reach their full GIS potential.

EA: Tell us about your role as a Senior Consultant for Professional Services at EsrChrisSherwini Australia – what are you responsible for?

CS: I’m a member of the training team and my core responsibility is the successful delivery of ArcGIS for Desktop and Python training courses. My role also involves managing the training resources, contributing to the development and implementation of new training, and mentoring our extended training family.

EA: What do you love most about your job?

CS: What motivates me is engaging with Esri Australia’s clients to try and understand their workflows and challenges they face. It’s a great reward taking the time to sit and help a classroom through the learning curve of the many components of the ArcGIS platform. Continue reading

Ozri 2014

Solutions for Streamlining your Production Workflows

Ready, set, go! It’s time to streamline your production workflows

As we sprint towards the end of Ozri, Kellie and I just completed our presentation highlighting fast and quick ways to solve your production workflows.

I kicked off the presentation with various efficient editing techniques, focusing on some of the key takeaways with Esri Production Mapping’s Feature Manager, which shares similar characteristics with the ArcGIS for Desktop Create Features and Attributes windows. However, there is additional functionality that Feature Manager brings to the table that helps you implement more efficient editing workflows, including the ability to create custom feature templates and on-the-fly validation. Kellie then presented to the audience the ability to implement much of your editing workflows with ArcGIS Task Assistant Manager. Task Assistant Manager allows you to create step-by-step instructions for performing various GIS tasks or workflow processes and standardise the completion of a task.

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Ozri 2014

Top tips and tricks for ArcGIS for Desktop 10.2

Maximising your efficiency on ArcGIS for Desktop

In this session, Ivan and I explored a range of time-saving tips and tricks to improve your ArcGIS for Desktop experience. From demonstrating “hidden” tools to editing and geoprocessing shortcuts, we shared a wealth of experience and information to help the audience bring out the best in their day-to-day workflows.

If you weren’t able to attend the session, here are some of our key highlights:

  • Discover new tools such as the Eye Dropper, Select Features by Common Values and Load Objects to utilise extra functionality and reduce the time needed to complete tasks;
  • Create personalised, workflow-driven toolbars and task-based map documents to speed up your work;
  • Learn handy keyboard shortcuts to work with the layers in your Table of Contents more efficiently;
  • Take control of editing by using feature caches and custom keyboard shortcuts; and,
  • Empower your map layouts with advanced dynamic text functions, custom projections and labelling dictionaries to automatically clean up your labels on the fly.

Richard S

Ozri 2014

Ozri 2014 day one plenary:

It feels great to be down in Adelaide for Ozri 2014. It’s the first time the event has been held in these parts in roughly a decade, and the excitement of all delegates – local, interstate and international – has been tangible since the welcome function yesterday afternoon.

Plenary sign

This morning’s plenary featured speakers at the forefront of GIS technology – and their passion was contagious. Esri Australia’s Managing Director Brett Bundock kicked things off – providing some context to what the conference theme of ‘Pure GIS’ is all about.

It’s not so much what Pure GIS is, said Brett, but rather what it does. In particular, Brett spoke of how Pure GIS: solves real-world problems; ensures a sustainable future and improves our quality of life; reconfigures the way we work, making us more productive and more effective; connects us; and changes the way we look at the world.

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Ozri 2013: Imagery Solutions for the Future


Geospatial imagery – more than a backdrop. Traditionally imagery has been seen by GIS users as a background to provide context to the vector data.

However, as imagery is becoming more accessible and cheaper, GIS professional are realising the value imagery can bring into their GIS projects. The ArcGIS platform includes different levels of technology , from ArcGIS for Desktop and ArcGIS for Server, through to ArcGIS Online, they provide GIS professionals with a range of powerful geoprocessing and image analysis tools, complemented with state of the art  on-the-fly image processing technologies and powerful data dissemination tools.

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Ozri 2013: Planet GIS Snapshot (Day 2)


After stepping out of an incredible plenary session and indulging on the delectable spread, I made my way over to see Esri’s Ismael Chivite and our very own Keera Pullman present on “What’s new in 10.2”. Now that 10.2 has landed I was excited to learn about all the new functionality and enhancements in quality, performance and security.

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Ozri 2013: Adding Value to your Desktop


The 21st is a data rich century. Many authorities across Australia and the world are publishing their data as services.

At today’s “Adding Value to your Desktop” session, we tried to show how you can use the powerful mapping tools and Python automation in ArcGIS for Desktop to turn these data streams into clear, visual presentations.

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Ozri 2013: Best Practices – Geodatabase Efficiencies


First of all, we would like thank you very much your participation in the session “Best Practices – Geodatabase Efficiencies” and sharing with us your passion for the geodatabases.  We know that forty minutes isn’t enough time to cover all the topics that surrounds geodatabases, but at least, we hope that the session gave you new ideas to make your work more easy and productive.

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