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One dataset – many uses

On the weekend I was out walking my dog through the local parks in my area. This always gives me a lot of time to think. On Sunday morning – as I was strolling aimlessly through the park – I started thinking about the park dataset that my local council maintains and how many uses that one dataset would have.  Continue reading

Thinking is shifting on Web GIS

Last night saw the July 2014 release of ArcGIS Online roll out and with it, some great new features and capabilities across the board. There’s something for everybody with enhancements to the Map Viewer, ready to use apps and application templates, and administration.
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New ArcGIS Online courses – hot off the press

We are excited to announce two new Esri Australia Training Courses: ArcGIS Online Subscriptions for Organisations: Publisher Workflows and ArcGIS Online Subscriptions for Organisations: User Workflows. These one day courses represent the first tailored ArcGIS Online training offerings from Esri Australia. As many of you will know, ArcGIS Desktop Users on maintenance are eligible for a free ArcGIS Online account.

At Directions 2014, we learnt that only about 20 percent of Esri users in Australia have activated their free account. With this in mind, these new training courses provide Australian users with an opportunity to kick start their ArcGIS Online account and pick up some useful tips, resources and best practice guidelines along the way.

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ArcGIS Online: the evolution continues

ArcGIS Online is evolving at a rapid pace – there’s no doubt about it. As I was putting my fingers to the keyboard for this final part of a three part series on the December release, Esri announced another major release on 19 March. My plan for the final part of this trilogy was to discuss Task Services – and I will cover that off, in what will now be an overview of the March release. Continue reading

ArcGIS Online continues to evolve

The main purpose of this, and a couple of following posts is to provide an update on the continued evolution of the ArcGIS Online platform, and to explore some specific enhancements that were made in the December 2012 release. However, before diving in to that, I want to step back from the functionality and reflect for a moment on the bigger picture.

During the second half of last year, I had an opportunity to view ArcGIS from the outside world and gain some fresh perspective on ArcGIS in the Enterprise – something I’ve spoken about many times at various Esri Australia events in various different contexts. With the benefit of this new lens, a couple of “trees” really stood out for me that I’d previously been too deep in the forest to really appreciate. Continue reading

Beyond graphs and charts: Esri Maps for Office

To all those that have been in the clouds…Esri Maps for Office is a free add-in for Microsoft Office 2010 and can be downloaded when an ArcGIS Online for Organisations subscription is purchased.

Don’t have an ArcGIS Online for Organisations account? Signing up for a free trial subscription will also make the Esri Maps for Office add-in available – as many of you have already discovered!

Esri Maps for Office was launched at the Esri User Conference in July 2012 under the banner of Spatial Analytics. This product is part of a suite of location analytics products, like Esri Maps for IBM Cognos and Microsoft SharePoint that deliver geospatial capabilities directly to your business systems. Watch these videos to see how location analytics can change the way you work!

Now let’s discuss how you can make Esri Maps for Office work for your organisation…

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