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Another good blog

For all you devoted blog-readers out there, check out one of our favourite blogs – the Spatial Roundtable.

A motley crew of GIS experts all contribute to Spatial Roundtable, writing on just about anything under the spatial sun. This month, their focus turns to utilities, and in particular, gas distribution. The premise of this particular blog is that geography is tied to every element of risk analysis for gas distribution. It talks about gas utilities being able to use Geographic Information System (GIS) technology in their work to satisfy Distribution Integrity Management Program (DIMP) regulations. (FYI: DIMP is a US utility initiative aimed at ensuring better overall management of the risks that impact gas distribution infrastructure – though it’s an American requirement, its implications and reasonings certainly apply to the Australian market).

If you’re interested in how GIS is taking utilities to the next level, then take a read and contribute to the conversation.

– Alicia S