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Thinking is shifting on Web GIS

Last night saw the July 2014 release of ArcGIS Online roll out and with it, some great new features and capabilities across the board. There’s something for everybody with enhancements to the Map Viewer, ready to use apps and application templates, and administration.
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Technology from 2010 and What’s Next

2010… where did that go?  The year has seen the release of a major version of ArcGIS, and some technology trends maturing to a point that makes them key to an organisation’s strategy in 2011 and beyond.  But first, let’s discuss ArcGIS 10. Continue reading

Learn how APIs and Web technologies can improve your GIS

I wouldn’t normally blog about a new book hitting our online bookstore… but this is one new release that has proved to be very popular overseas and I think you may find it useful. If you’re interested in learning about how to boost your GIS skills in the online environment, and if you’re in the market for a new book, then read on… Continue reading

VIP visit at spatial@gov conference

We’ve spent the past couple of days at the spatial@gov conference in Canberra, and while overall it’s been a fantastic conference, we had a particularly exciting start to Day 2, with a very special VIP visit to our stand!

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Want some Direction?

Hello friends! Just a friendly reminder – our next Technology Directions seminars (or “Tech Directions” as I will refer to them as, for the sake of laziness) are just around the corner. Registration is open and you have to sign up soon or else you’ll miss out! And I’m serious… The last round of Tech Directions, which ran in June/July, was at capacity – and we’re expecting these ones to fill up fast too.

So why are Tech Directions so popular? It’s because they are a source of really useful, really practical information about your GIS. Some of the best in the business will show you how you can exploit GIS to be more productive and efficient in your day-to-day job. And when it comes to work, we all want to make life easier, right?  Continue reading

Enterprise GIS and the Cloud

Interest in taking steps into the cloud is growing amongst many spatial organisations. From a distance it sounds good but what do you need to consider in embarking down this path?

Why do you want to use the cloud? The meaning of the cloud is ambiguous so while the overarching reason to move to the cloud would be to reduce costs on hardware and software you need to know what your business reasons are for looking at the cloud. The most common uses of appears to be email, archiving, CRM and storage. For spatial organisations, requirements to store large volumes of historical imagery or vector data and the need to serve fast, good looking, tile caches to external customers are two areas that are becoming common first steps into the cloud.

The other area that is already seeing a large movement to the cloud amongst spatial organisations is delivering applications that tend to have a short life span or high spikes of activity (or both). For example, the many spatial applications around the oil spill disaster where cloud applications recognise both the potential for high activity around news events as well as the short(ish) period of interest.

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Esri Local Government User Group Meeting – August 2010

Last Friday (13th August), Jeremie Comarmond of Esri Australia and Susie Kempson of Melbourne City Council hosted the Esri LG meeting at the council offices of the City of Melbourne. There was a pretty large crew there, representing LGA’s from not only metro Melbourne, but also around the state.

The four main themes discussed were

–          3D

–          Data and Data Capture – 3D Point Clouds

–          GIS Applications, ArcGIS and Dekho

–          Base maps from MDS and Esri

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UC Tech News 2010

This year the Esri User Conference celebrated its 30th year. As big an achievement as that is, the real celebration for Esri and its community was the release of ArcGIS 10. ArcGIS is described as a system. Not just a single application or one piece of a large puzzle, ArcGIS is a complete system for geographical knowledge management, analysis, planning, awareness, and mobility.

Out of the many things to see at the event, I managed to get along and see where technology is changing the application of GIS. Notably, two areas that stood out for me were in smart devices (like the iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Android devices etc) and the cloud. 

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