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Recap of Canberra Directions 2014

Thanks to all who braved the rain on Friday to attend Directions 2014 in Canberra. It was great to see such a good crowd. A show of hands during Gary Farmer’s welcome suggested that a significant number were at their first Directions event. That was really good to see and we hope it’ll be the first of many.

The theme of this year’s Directions tour is “sharpening your skills” and the sessions during the day are designed to stimulate thinking around how users can get more from their ArcGIS with a mix of new tools, smart ways to use existing tools, and general tips and techniques to be more productive when using the software.

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Ozri 2013: Exploration GIS Snapshot (Day 2)


Just finished listening to an interesting panel discussion on some of the findings from the 2013 GIS in Local Government Benchmark Study. Given the large number of councils who contributed, I’m looking forward to reading the final report when it’s available!

Earlier this afternoon Bernie Szukalski, our visiting Esri international specialist took to the stage again, after presenting at this morning’s plenary. He touched on how we can approach map-based storytelling – a fascinating way of communicating interactively, and also stepped us through how to plan and build an effective story map.

Next up is the Dekho Focus Session where some of Australia’s leading organisations – such as Brisbane City Council – will share how they’ve used Dekho to extend the reach of GIS to their entire workforce.

Delvena P

Ozri Update: Stream C Session Snapshot

Ozri 2012 Update

Kicking off our first Friday session was Nik Henry from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, discussing the Land Management Database System which is being used to standardise the spatial reporting of Natural Resource Management investment across NSW.  Since 2001 the system has undergone ad-hoc development and customisation driven by the user base, and has now progressed to a multi platform system that can be used in ArcMap, Dekho and an IOS Mobile App.

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Ozri Update: Stream D Session Snapshot

We have just heard from Adrian Denning from ATCO Gas Australia, who discussed how important the accuracy of information is to the organisation.  Adrian spoke about how spatial correctness and accuracy is essential for the location of ATCO Gas’ assets, using the example of Dial Before You Dig.

From a utility of a different kind, LinkWater’s Jawad Youssef spoke about how Dekho is being used in the organisation by staff with little or no GIS knowledge or familiarity.  Jawad detailed the efficiency improvements achieved at LinkWater through the integration of GIS into the organisation’s workflows.

Shannon W.

To find out more about these presentations or topics, please contact us via email.

Introducing… Dekho 3.1!!!


It’s here. We are excited to let you know that Dekho 3.1 has officially been released!    
Dekho 3.1As you can tell, we’re pretty excited by the launch of Dekho 3.1 which adds some cool new functionalities and capabilities to our geographic web application server….

 How is Dekho 3.1 different?  Well, in a nutshell, it’s simply a better product. We spent around nine months developing, consolidating and improving Dekho. So, song and dance aside, what’s makes this version of  Dekho so cool (well in our opinion anyway, we hope you agree)…   

 Some of my favourite highlights include…      

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The Count Down is On! Introducing Dekho 3.1’s open integration framework

Integration has always played a big role in Dekho web applications, which is why we are really excited to announce that Dekho 3.1 comes with an ‘open integration framework’.

Dekho’s ‘open integration framework’ delivered as part of the 3.1 release means you can connect to any line of business system in your organisation.

So what does this mean? Well, it means that now Dekho  will be able to integrate with more systems (and don’t forget data) providing you with the information you want, when you want it.

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Esri Local Government User Group Meeting – August 2010

Last Friday (13th August), Jeremie Comarmond of Esri Australia and Susie Kempson of Melbourne City Council hosted the Esri LG meeting at the council offices of the City of Melbourne. There was a pretty large crew there, representing LGA’s from not only metro Melbourne, but also around the state.

The four main themes discussed were

–          3D

–          Data and Data Capture – 3D Point Clouds

–          GIS Applications, ArcGIS and Dekho

–          Base maps from MDS and Esri

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In case you don’t follow the Dekho blog…

If you haven’t been keeping your eye on the Dekho blog (which we would love you to do) the Dekho product team just posted some nice shots of the improved interface that is coming with 3.1. Shots include a look at the new icons, colours, info about the new side panel and the change to the default position of the selection review panel. Check it out

Hopefully all improvements our Dekho customers will enjoy!

Kate R

Sneak peek… new Dekho interface

On Friday we announced here, first on this blog, that the upcoming release of Dekho 3.1 will be able to consume and utilise the MDS Foundation Maps… Just published today is the first look at the improved Dekho interface including MDS Foundation Maps, check out the Dekho blog

Also, if you would like more information on MDS Foundation Maps, visit the MDS website

The Dekho Team