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Ozri 2013: Gala Dinner!


Last night I joined an excited crowd of Ozri delegates at the highly anticipated Gala Dinner.  As always we were promised a sensory extravaganza with lashings of entertainment and games – and we were not disappointed.

After diving to the bottom of the ocean we were greeted by four glamorous stilt-walkers in a fairy light frenzy, closely followed by the evening’s MC Andrew Gill.

With plenty of games and prizes – including the inevitable lightsaber – everyone was getting into the swing of the evening, and after the last of the macaroon lollipops had been polished off – we headed for the dance floor!

Everyone had a fantastic night and it’s going to be a challenge to beat this next year!

Kim B

Ozri Update: A great night had by all

Ozri 2012 Update

With the first day of the Ozri 2012 program done and dusted attentions quickly turned to the approaching Gala Dinner.  We’d all been promised a visual, sensory and epicurean experience to remember, so expectations were high!

Everyone enjoyed the return of Dinner MC Michael Pope who once again managed to amuse, surprise and thoroughly entertain the crowd with his interactive games and extremely indulgent prizes!

The highlight of the evening had to be the laser show, although the food came a close second.  Everyone had a fantastic night but I’m a little concerned how we’ll top this next year – I guess we’ll worry about that later!

Kim B.

Ozri Update: Time for Dinner

After a pretty hectic day at Ozri everyone was looking forward to a fun evening at the Gala Dinner and it certainly wasn’t disappointing!   We’d been promised a spectacular surprise and I have to say the team came up trumps…despite being part of the Marketing team this was the first time I’d seen it and it was fantastic.   Nothing like setting the standard for next year!!!

The party games were good fun too, glad to see plenty of people willing to embarrass themselves in front of an audience, perhaps the wine with dinner played an active part in that.

All in all, great food, good company and lots of fun had by all.

Kim B