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Ozri 2013: Increase Productivity Using ENVI Image Analytics in the ArcGIS Ecosystem


Nigel Brown from Exelis and I, have just completed our presentation highlighting the power of the ENVI Image Analysis software.

Nigel presented on how ENVI can be used to study the effects of sea level rise on coastal erosion using combination of lower resolution optical data, such as Landsat Imagery, combined with precise LiDAR data.

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Ozri Update: Stream C Session Snapshot

This morning’s presentations Stream C presentations had a real focus on efficiently managing data.

Toby Clewett from the Sunshine Coast Regional Council spoke about how the council is dealing with the challenge of urban sprawl on the coastal region’s biodiversity.  Toby detailed how the council made massive productivity gains in mapping the region’s woody vegetations, reducing the processing time from two years to three weeks.  What an achievement! Continue reading