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GIS and strategic asset management with Assetic’s Ashay Prabhu

Ashay Prabhu

Ashay Prabhu – Director and Co-founder, Assetic

Assetic – a Melbourne-based company providing strategic asset management software and services to help organisations manage public and private infrastructure – is Esri Australia’s newest technology partner.

Director and co-founder Ashay Prabhu explains the future role Geographic Information System (GIS) technology will play in strategic asset management, and shares a few local government success stories where GIS has been integrated into agency operations. Continue reading

One dataset – many uses

On the weekend I was out walking my dog through the local parks in my area. This always gives me a lot of time to think. On Sunday morning – as I was strolling aimlessly through the park – I started thinking about the park dataset that my local council maintains and how many uses that one dataset would have.  Continue reading

Recap of Darwin Directions 2014

As the Esri Australia team prepared for the day, there was an “air of anticipation” in the Top End. The feeling was a little bit like the feeling you get when the results of months of hard work are about to be revealed.

johnThe Plenary
Northern Territory Manager, Jeremy Conversi, opened the day with a warm welcome and an overview of the day’s events.

Josh Venman, Ebony Wickramanayake and John Hasthorpe then took us away with their demonstrations of the many facets of the ArcGIS Platform. I particularly enjoyed John’s demo of how mobile phone data (such as: location, acceleration and tilt) streamed in real-time into ArcGIS Online – allowing for instantaneous display on a range of apps.

Another topic which certainly sparked some conversations was the effective curation of spatial data online – a concept illustriously demonstrated by Ebony. Overall, the plenary certainly got us thinking about future of GIS.

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Ozri Update: Stream A Session Snapshot

Ozri 2012 Update

Ken Melchert from Townsville City Council kicked off this afternoon’s presentations, discussing the role of GIS in assisting the key business functions within Townsville City Council to deliver their services to the community in an efficient, effective and innovative manner.   Ken discussed the Council’s integration of their corporate GIS with other enterprise business management systems, and new strategies focused on mobile mapping, spatial network analysis and modelling, demographic and socio-economic modelling.

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Local Government ELA- when the GIS department is not enough

Across the board, we are seeing the use of GIS maturing into the enterprise space, with Local Governments leading the charge. Local Governments are realising that it is no longer good enough to just rely on the GIS department to answer their location questions. Continue reading

The black art of LG asset management

It’s a shared burden: across Australia, local governments often struggle to manage their assets to their community’s expectations. And I don’t think it matters if it is in the metro area or regional, or if you have the best asset management system or just something simple: there is always more that needs to be built, fixed, upgraded or replaced.

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LI Enables Asset Management; Creates ‘City of the Future’

Well, you learn something new every day, don’t you? Did you know that Abu Dhabi is home to the world’s first carbon-neutral, zero-waste city? And do you know what they attribute the success of the project to? Why location intelligence of course!

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Esri Local Government User Group Meeting – August 2010

Last Friday (13th August), Jeremie Comarmond of Esri Australia and Susie Kempson of Melbourne City Council hosted the Esri LG meeting at the council offices of the City of Melbourne. There was a pretty large crew there, representing LGA’s from not only metro Melbourne, but also around the state.

The four main themes discussed were

–          3D

–          Data and Data Capture – 3D Point Clouds

–          GIS Applications, ArcGIS and Dekho

–          Base maps from MDS and Esri

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