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Darwin…thanks for having us, see you again soon

October Tech Directions kicked off in Darwin yesterday and after a full day presenting and then catching a 1.45 am flight back from Australia’s far north the guys were forced to chat with me so I could give you a rundown of the day.

Ok here it goes…

Darwin put on a good showing for our technical specialists with about 45 people turning up in the far north to the first of our tech directions series. From the day these were some of the common questions:

Tell me more about the iphone! Yes we are all (well about 95% of the population, and according to recent research from the Australian Communications and Media Authority which shows there are now more mobile phones than people in Australia. And the 2009 Australian Mobile Phone Lifestyle Index undertaken for AIMIA found that 77% of respondents used their mobile phones for a purpose apart from texting and/or voice.) in love with our phones, but they can serve a higher purpose and you want to know what it is.

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Introducing… Dekho 3.1!!!


It’s here. We are excited to let you know that Dekho 3.1 has officially been released!    
Dekho 3.1As you can tell, we’re pretty excited by the launch of Dekho 3.1 which adds some cool new functionalities and capabilities to our geographic web application server….

 How is Dekho 3.1 different?  Well, in a nutshell, it’s simply a better product. We spent around nine months developing, consolidating and improving Dekho. So, song and dance aside, what’s makes this version of  Dekho so cool (well in our opinion anyway, we hope you agree)…   

 Some of my favourite highlights include…      

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The Count Down is On! Introducing Dekho 3.1’s open integration framework

Integration has always played a big role in Dekho web applications, which is why we are really excited to announce that Dekho 3.1 comes with an ‘open integration framework’.

Dekho’s ‘open integration framework’ delivered as part of the 3.1 release means you can connect to any line of business system in your organisation.

So what does this mean? Well, it means that now Dekho  will be able to integrate with more systems (and don’t forget data) providing you with the information you want, when you want it.

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Esri Local Government User Group Meeting – August 2010

Last Friday (13th August), Jeremie Comarmond of Esri Australia and Susie Kempson of Melbourne City Council hosted the Esri LG meeting at the council offices of the City of Melbourne. There was a pretty large crew there, representing LGA’s from not only metro Melbourne, but also around the state.

The four main themes discussed were

–          3D

–          Data and Data Capture – 3D Point Clouds

–          GIS Applications, ArcGIS and Dekho

–          Base maps from MDS and Esri

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Sneak peek… new Dekho interface

On Friday we announced here, first on this blog, that the upcoming release of Dekho 3.1 will be able to consume and utilise the MDS Foundation Maps… Just published today is the first look at the improved Dekho interface including MDS Foundation Maps, check out the Dekho blog

Also, if you would like more information on MDS Foundation Maps, visit the MDS website

The Dekho Team