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Ozri 2014

Spatial analysis on the fly: working with the ArcGIS Online

Spatial analysis using ArcGIS Online

The process of spatial analysis has taken on a new twist with ArcGIS Online’s constantly evolving capabilities in geoprocessing. By enabling an easy interface for spatial analysis through web maps, it’s now possible to empower non-technical people to do their own analysis without having to learn ArcMap. In addition to that, with the web-based options, users are no longer limited by the requirements for high-spec desktop installations.

In terms of administration, it was briefly covered that a user will need to be allowed particular privileges by the site administrator to carry out spatial analysis, which may consume credits.

During my talk, we discovered the different types of analysis and geoprocessing available within ArcGIS Online as well as how to carry out a workflow using those tools.

ArcGIS Online

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Ozri 2014

Solutions for Streamlining your Production Workflows

Ready, set, go! It’s time to streamline your production workflows

As we sprint towards the end of Ozri, Kellie and I just completed our presentation highlighting fast and quick ways to solve your production workflows.

I kicked off the presentation with various efficient editing techniques, focusing on some of the key takeaways with Esri Production Mapping’s Feature Manager, which shares similar characteristics with the ArcGIS for Desktop Create Features and Attributes windows. However, there is additional functionality that Feature Manager brings to the table that helps you implement more efficient editing workflows, including the ability to create custom feature templates and on-the-fly validation. Kellie then presented to the audience the ability to implement much of your editing workflows with ArcGIS Task Assistant Manager. Task Assistant Manager allows you to create step-by-step instructions for performing various GIS tasks or workflow processes and standardise the completion of a task.

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Ozri 2014

Off the grid with Collector for ArcGIS

Off the grid with Collector for ArcGIS

Today, attendees heard about how to create, manage and use the Collector Application from Kym Jackway and myself. Collector is a simple, free application (available on the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store) which allows users to capture, interrogate and interact with their corporate data in the field. With recent updates to ArcGIS, this now includes disconnected as well as synchronisation scenarios. We took the clients who were present at Ozri this year through the publishing of the services and creation of the web map, including the configuration options needed to make Collector sing. Once the setup is done then it is a matter of enabling your field workforce and monitoring their output.

For more information on Collector and the other ArcGIS Apps, please have a look at these videos:


Christopher B

Ozri 2014

Top tips and tricks for ArcGIS for Desktop 10.2

Maximising your efficiency on ArcGIS for Desktop

In this session, Ivan and I explored a range of time-saving tips and tricks to improve your ArcGIS for Desktop experience. From demonstrating “hidden” tools to editing and geoprocessing shortcuts, we shared a wealth of experience and information to help the audience bring out the best in their day-to-day workflows.

If you weren’t able to attend the session, here are some of our key highlights:

  • Discover new tools such as the Eye Dropper, Select Features by Common Values and Load Objects to utilise extra functionality and reduce the time needed to complete tasks;
  • Create personalised, workflow-driven toolbars and task-based map documents to speed up your work;
  • Learn handy keyboard shortcuts to work with the layers in your Table of Contents more efficiently;
  • Take control of editing by using feature caches and custom keyboard shortcuts; and,
  • Empower your map layouts with advanced dynamic text functions, custom projections and labelling dictionaries to automatically clean up your labels on the fly.

Richard S

Ozri 2014

How to build an operational dashboard: step-by-step

Ready, steady, web maps! In 30 minutes or less

What have you achieved recently in just half an hour?

Watched another repeat of The Simpsons?

Queued in the rain for a cab?

Cooked up a three-course Jamie Oliver banquet?

Well, Christopher Brown and I have just demonstrated how you can build and configure an Operations Dashboard – from start to finish – in 30 minutes. And there were no dirty dishes to take care of at the end!

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Ozri 2014

ArcGIS Marketplace: an Introduction

Browse the aisles of the ArcGIS Marketplace

Introducing the ArcGIS Marketplace – all you need is an ArcGIS Online login and you can discover, trial and purchase apps and data that extend your use of ArcGIS.

This afternoon, Stephen and I presented an introduction to the ArcGIS Marketplace, however you could say our “demo” started during the plenary this morning. Operation Organic used two ArcGIS Marketplace apps, Collector for ArcGIS  and Operations Dashboard .

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Ozri 2014

Welcome to ArcGIS Pro

We can all be ArcGIS Pro(s) with this new desktop application

ArcGIS ProArcGIS Pro is the newest member of the desktop family and the product of user feedback, requests and desired functionality. This is the first 64-bit Esri desktop application and the next generation of ArcGIS for Desktop.

What you saw today are just some of the highlights that this new application has to offer. Kellie explored the new user interface with multiple views and layouts. We looked at how easy it is to create great maps with the intuitive dynamic ribbons that only show us the tools we need when we need them.

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Ozri 2014

Welcome function

…And, we’re off for Ozri 2014!

Ozri 2014 started with a bang last night, with our welcome function at the revamped Adelaide Oval proving a popular affair. Delegates, Esri Australia staff and special guests enjoyed a casual drink, some fantastic food and a special preview of our GIS Marketplace.

The crowd was buzzing with anticipation for two jam-packed days of presentations, workshops and forums. With a focus on ‘pure GIS’ – the best the Australian spatial industry has to offer – I’m sure the next couple of days will prove both engaging and inspiring.

There was also a bit of excitement about the Ozri conference dinner happening tonight – a picnic under the stars at the spectacular Glen Ewin Estate in the Adelaide Hills, with a performance by Aussie rock legend Mark Seymour. What more could you want?

Before that though, we’ll turn our attention to this morning’s plenary, and the incredible line-up of Australian GIS specialist and Esri superstars that are set to kick-off Ozri 2014. I can’t wait!

Sally H

Highlights of Hobart Directions 2014

Last Friday took us to the final stop in the Directions Tour: Hobart! It was a great way to wrap things up as we had our biggest ever turn out in the city.

Throughout the tour we have been trying to get GIS users to develop their skills; make better use of the software they have; and to increase awareness of the time-saving configurable apps that are available.

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