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Ozri 2015 GIS Generations

Ozri 2015 day one plenary:

Wow, Thursday morning’s plenary was jam-packed with great speakers and demos, complete whirlwind of information. I took enough bullet-point notes on my iPhone to write a 15-page essay but I’ll try to distill it down…

The show was kicked off by recorded video from Jack, welcoming everyone to the event and addressing this year’s theme – “GIS Generations”. Our industry has gone through a few “generations” now – from the Arc/Info and AML days, to ArcView 3.x, to ArcGIS Desktop and Server, and we’re rapidly entering the new era of Web GIS. We’re hitting new industries, new users, and Jack’s prediction is of an upcoming “geoenlightenment” where GIS will be ubiquitous.

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Ozri Update: The Plenary

Ozri 2011 is well underway! Damian, Cisco and I just walked off stage from the opening session of the Ozri 2011 plenary. In just over an hour we looked at the direction that technology is taking for the next release of ArcGIS, as well as just a small sample of some of the amazing stories of how our clients here in Australia are using ArcGIS right now.

GIS is no longer just an acronym that people need explained to them. GIS is becoming embedded in every aspect of our lives and is pushing beyond traditional boundaries of simply map making, to making the amazing work that we do available to other professionals in our organisations and to customers and communities. ArcGIS 10.1 is the complete system that provides the platform for GIS to connect, Build and Optimise the work that we do. Continue reading