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Why is it so difficult to find MH370 debris using satellite imagery?

Since the moment Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 was determined by authorities to have crashed into the Southern Ocean some 2000km south west of Perth, I’ve been asked the same question repeatedly: How can satellites help find the crash site?

The purpose of this blog is to acquaint the readers with some facts about the strengths and limitations of satellite imagery.

Several governments have come together to form a massive search operation using satellite imagery, search aircraft and naval vessels.

Satellites have a large footprint and they can cover large amounts of area in short amounts of time. If they do find some interesting objects in this imagery, the next task will be to deploy air and sea resources to confirm the sightings.

Satellite imagery provides the starting point – a useful place to gather compelling evidence.

Satellite in earths atmosphere

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Recap of Adelaide Directions 2014

Directions 2014 landed at the Adelaide Hilton last Thursday. Roughly 150 users attended the event, making for a fantastic day of networking and understanding of Esri’s future directions.

The day started out with David Trengove, sporting a brand new set of reading glasses, introducing the event. He asked all first-timers at Directions to put up their hand and 20 per cent of the audience responded. It is always good to see new people attending these events. Dave then followed by introducing the Esri Australia staff, highlighting the new Adelaide staff and a special mention to Brett Bundock, Esri Australia’s Managing Director, who was attending Directions. He rounded out by highlighting some key projects that have been completed by the Adelaide office in the past year and his top 3 take aways from the event, before handing the stage over to Josh Venman who was to be MC for the day.

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Recap of Perth Directions 2014

The Directions 2014 roadshow made its third stop at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Perth. With close to 200 attendees, it was a great turnout and made for a fantastic day of networking and sharing new ideas.

Josh Venman started off the morning session by setting the scene with his ArcGIS Platform story. I’ve heard his presentation a few times on the tour now, and every time I hear it, I realise just how powerful the story is. There are several paths to using an enterprise GIS and, as an organisation, you have the flexibility to implement a setup for your requirements.perth directions 2014_01

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