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Even Smarter Banking

Hi All,

Great start to the week with an interesting article featured in Position Magazine “Banking on Location Intelligence”. The article presents practical ways by which banks are leveraging Location Intelligence to gain new customers and drive customer advocacy.

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UC Tech News 2010

This year the Esri User Conference celebrated its 30th year. As big an achievement as that is, the real celebration for Esri and its community was the release of ArcGIS 10. ArcGIS is described as a system. Not just a single application or one piece of a large puzzle, ArcGIS is a complete system for geographical knowledge management, analysis, planning, awareness, and mobility.

Out of the many things to see at the event, I managed to get along and see where technology is changing the application of GIS. Notably, two areas that stood out for me were in smart devices (like the iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Android devices etc) and the cloud. 

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