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Technology from 2010 and What’s Next

2010… where did that go?  The year has seen the release of a major version of ArcGIS, and some technology trends maturing to a point that makes them key to an organisation’s strategy in 2011 and beyond.  But first, let’s discuss ArcGIS 10. Continue reading

Save the date – February Technology Directions is coming to a capital city near you!

Even though October Technology Directions seems like only last week, it is time to put the February 2011 Technology Directions date in your diary!  Registration is now open

The first Tech Directions will kick-off in Darwin on the 1st of February, then travels to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Perth, Adelaide before finishing up in Canberra on the 17th of February.

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Darwin…thanks for having us, see you again soon

October Tech Directions kicked off in Darwin yesterday and after a full day presenting and then catching a 1.45 am flight back from Australia’s far north the guys were forced to chat with me so I could give you a rundown of the day.

Ok here it goes…

Darwin put on a good showing for our technical specialists with about 45 people turning up in the far north to the first of our tech directions series. From the day these were some of the common questions:

Tell me more about the iphone! Yes we are all (well about 95% of the population, and according to recent research from the Australian Communications and Media Authority which shows there are now more mobile phones than people in Australia. And the 2009 Australian Mobile Phone Lifestyle Index undertaken for AIMIA found that 77% of respondents used their mobile phones for a purpose apart from texting and/or voice.) in love with our phones, but they can serve a higher purpose and you want to know what it is.

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Tech Directions… the program

October 2010 Tech Directions series is about to kick off in Darwin today and we wanted to give you an outline of the program…

8:55 – 9:00 am Opening… please take your seats everybody

9:00 – 9:25 am Welcome to Technology Directions The Tech Directions plenary will take a look at trends which are affecting our industry and how these trends are only opening up GIS and location to people everywhere and our place in the “location revolution/evolution”. Also, what does this mean for us? How can ArcGIS 10 help us to be more productive, leverage different technologies but also help us with content, resources… a true GIS system

9:25 – 9:35 am Our technical specialists will demonstrate the usability improvements in ArcGIS 10 which will help us save time… Take a look at searching, editing, attachments, parcel editing, python, imagery and geoprocessing.

9:35 – 10.00 am There are common patterns of work which organisations undertake and GIS can be of benefit to all of them…the tech directions team talks about these patterns and where we know GIS has a natural synergy.

 The GeoSpatial Revolution.. see what’s happening

10:00 – 10.30 am How do I get from where I am to 10? We take a look at what to be aware of, going about it and things to consider…

10:30 – 11.00 am Morning Tea…come and join us for some treats (Josie our event coordinator assures me the food is delicious)

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Technology Directions – out in the field…

At the Technology Directions I will be talking about Field Mobility. During this session we will be looking into some of the new functionality in ArcGIS Mobile 10 and ArcPad 10.

The new ArcGIS Mobile 10, Mobile Project Centre empowers field crew managers and team members by allowing them to rapidly create, deploy and manage workflow-driven mobile projects with an easy to use application.

For the mobile GIS professional, improvements in ArcPad 10 deliver better performance, streamlined data capture and, simpler project creation and reusability.

I will be looking at all of this in depth at Directions so if you are just getting started on your mobile journey or you have been a mobile user for a while, there will be something new for you in this session.

For more information, and registration for these free events, please click here

See you at Tech Directions.

Fiona D

Technology Directions – are you coming?

If the current buzz around crowd-sourced or Volunteered Geographic Information  (VGI) has captured your interest, then the Data & Asset Management session at the upcoming Technology Directions events will be of high value to you. During this session we will explore implementing a web-based system to collect data from the public using ArcGIS 10 and the Geodatabase, and address common questions and practical concerns about data collection, validation and quality control in this environment. Continue reading

Technology Directions – Plenary

At the up and coming Technology Directions, we are going to be looking at 4 key areas of ArcGIS and the new 10 release;

–          What are the technology trends, current and emerging that affect us all

–          What are the patterns of use, when using GIS and Spatial Information

–          How does the ArcGIS 10 system enable you to take advantage of those trends and patterns of use, and

–          What are the things to think about in terms of using ArcGIS 10 in your organisation

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Want some Direction?

Hello friends! Just a friendly reminder – our next Technology Directions seminars (or “Tech Directions” as I will refer to them as, for the sake of laziness) are just around the corner. Registration is open and you have to sign up soon or else you’ll miss out! And I’m serious… The last round of Tech Directions, which ran in June/July, was at capacity – and we’re expecting these ones to fill up fast too.

So why are Tech Directions so popular? It’s because they are a source of really useful, really practical information about your GIS. Some of the best in the business will show you how you can exploit GIS to be more productive and efficient in your day-to-day job. And when it comes to work, we all want to make life easier, right?  Continue reading

See you at Tech Directions…

Tech Directions

Technology Directions has kicked off with great turn outs in Townsville, Darwin and Brisbane!

The ESRI Australia crew head to Sydney today to chat to our clients about all things GIS, including the ArcGIS 10 release. If you are in Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Hobart or Melbourne let us know ASAP as spaces are filling up fast!