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Recap of Brisbane Directions 2014

Six weeks ago, I took up the PR & Communications Coordinator role with Esri Australia.

When it comes to working in the GIS industry, you don’t get much greener than me – well, maybe apart from the guy who started on Monday!

The learning curve has been huge, but it’s a challenge I’m relishing.

The Esri Australia Directions 2014 roadshow has been touring the country over the past week and on Monday it stopped in Brisbane – the home of EA’s head office – giving me a fantastic opportunity to immerse myself in the world of GIS.


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Recap of Canberra Directions 2014

Thanks to all who braved the rain on Friday to attend Directions 2014 in Canberra. It was great to see such a good crowd. A show of hands during Gary Farmer’s welcome suggested that a significant number were at their first Directions event. That was really good to see and we hope it’ll be the first of many.

The theme of this year’s Directions tour is “sharpening your skills” and the sessions during the day are designed to stimulate thinking around how users can get more from their ArcGIS with a mix of new tools, smart ways to use existing tools, and general tips and techniques to be more productive when using the software.

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Recap of Townsville Directions 2014

Last Thursday was my first Directions as a member of the Esri Australia team, and I am pleased to say it was a highlight! It was really satisfying to share the day with the Townsville GIS community. We kicked off with a welcome from Doug Van Gelder, and then straight into a series of presentations from the rest of the Esri Australia team.

directionsJosh set the scene for the technical presentations with an overarching discussion of how ArcGIS is the key location platform to support your entire organisation. The way we all work is fundamentally changing. People want to be able to access spatial content on multiple devices and locations – the ArcGIS platform enables us to leverage “location” as a core part of business.

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Ozri 2013: Geospatial Galaxy Snapshot (Day 2)


What an action-packed afternoon in the Geospatial Galaxy! After a delicious lunch, our own Christopher Brown and Walter Simonazzi gave the database administrators among us some handy tips on how to support their workflows by configuring ArcGIS for Server’s unique Geodatabase technology.

Next up was Lacuna Resolve’s Kerrie Purcell who touched on how GIS technology is transforming how we prepare and respond to natural disasters. Kerrie’s presentation was a timely reminder of the role GIS will play as we look for better ways to manage the devastating impacts of these events.

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Just one more sleep until Ozri 2013!


With only one more sleep to go, the Ozri 2013 program is looking jam-packed with some incredible headliners!

Never before have we had such a technically diverse line-up of presenters. Some of our most anticipated Esri superstars include:


Bern Szukalski – Product Strategist and Technical Evangelist:
Bern will walk you through the steps for success with ArcGIS Online. He will also discuss his latest project – the Living Atlas, and show you how to use Story Maps as an effective communication medium.


Ishmael Chivite – ArcGIS for Server Senior Product Manager:

Ismael will tell you what’s new in ArcGIS 10.2, introduce you Portal for ArcGIS, and show you how to web enable databases using ArcGIS.


Gert van Maren – Product Management Lead for 3D:
Gert will provide an insight into all things 3D and the GeoDesign story. He will also discuss working with 3D Analyst and CityEngine and show you how to do feature and volumetric analysis with 3D Analyst.

Ron Allum
We will also have a touch of Hollywood in our midst, with intrepid deep-sea adventurer Ron Allum taking us to a journey to the bottom of the ocean floor as he describes his latest underwater mapping project. Ron will also relive his record-breaking collaboration with Hollywood heavy-weight, Director James Cameron on the Deepsea Challenger.

And if that’s not enough, we’ll be following Alex Moss from ShipShapeSearchers around the Australian coastline as they look to uncover shipwrecks.

We can’t wait for Ozri! Who are you most looking forward to seeing? Check out the full program here and if you haven’t already done so – don’t forget to register!


Technology from 2010 and What’s Next

2010… where did that go?  The year has seen the release of a major version of ArcGIS, and some technology trends maturing to a point that makes them key to an organisation’s strategy in 2011 and beyond.  But first, let’s discuss ArcGIS 10. Continue reading

Tech Directions….top 5 take aways.

Well this round of Tech Directions has been and gone.

3 weeks, 8 cities and over 1,100 attendees turned out to see what is happening in our industry, the latest trends which are influencing how we as a GIS community work and what our clients and consumers expect… and to see ArcGIS 10 in action.

So after speaking with our presenters, looking at ALL the evaluation forms (a big thank you, we have made some changes already based on your suggestions; i.e. an agenda handout will be provided at the start of the event as well as on the blog) and attending an event myself, here are the top 5 take aways from Tech Directions.

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Technology Directions – Plenary

At the up and coming Technology Directions, we are going to be looking at 4 key areas of ArcGIS and the new 10 release;

–          What are the technology trends, current and emerging that affect us all

–          What are the patterns of use, when using GIS and Spatial Information

–          How does the ArcGIS 10 system enable you to take advantage of those trends and patterns of use, and

–          What are the things to think about in terms of using ArcGIS 10 in your organisation

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UC Tech News 2010

This year the Esri User Conference celebrated its 30th year. As big an achievement as that is, the real celebration for Esri and its community was the release of ArcGIS 10. ArcGIS is described as a system. Not just a single application or one piece of a large puzzle, ArcGIS is a complete system for geographical knowledge management, analysis, planning, awareness, and mobility.

Out of the many things to see at the event, I managed to get along and see where technology is changing the application of GIS. Notably, two areas that stood out for me were in smart devices (like the iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Android devices etc) and the cloud. 

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