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Five minutes with an Esri Australia trainer – Chris Sherwin

Trainer Chris Sherwin is a whiz at using scientific applications to solve spatial problems. We spent five minutes speaking with him to find out what motivates him to help students reach their full GIS potential.

EA: Tell us about your role as a Senior Consultant for Professional Services at EsrChrisSherwini Australia – what are you responsible for?

CS: I’m a member of the training team and my core responsibility is the successful delivery of ArcGIS for Desktop and Python training courses. My role also involves managing the training resources, contributing to the development and implementation of new training, and mentoring our extended training family.

EA: What do you love most about your job?

CS: What motivates me is engaging with Esri Australia’s clients to try and understand their workflows and challenges they face. It’s a great reward taking the time to sit and help a classroom through the learning curve of the many components of the ArcGIS platform. Continue reading

Seven ways GIS training can make you more valuable to your organisation

GIS training isn’t just about improving your own technical skills – it’s also about helping you become a more valuable asset to your organisation. Here, Esri Australia trainer Chris Sherwin looks at seven ways GIS training sessions can help you – and your organisation – gain new GIS skills that boost productivity and efficiencies.

1. Exposure to the latest GIS capabilities and functions

Training courses can quickly bring you up-to-speed with the knowledge you need to take advantage of new capabilities in the technology – such as using online tools and sharing data as hosted services – and make them work for you and your organisation. There are always new capabilities and functionality to be learnt with the ArcGIS platform; and by gaining experience and receiving professional coaching with these new capabilities, you help ensure your organisation is getting the most from its GIS investment.

2. Learn in a collaborative, interactive classrooms

Working in a classroom environment gives you the opportunity to have a full and dynamic learning exTanya Fleayperience. You can ask questions; see hands-on practical demonstrations – and also enjoy one-on-one time with your trainer.

The ‘exercise’ component of each course also gives you valuable ‘hands on’ experience, equipping you with practical skills that you can take back to your workplace. Ultimately, by learning in a collaborative, interactive class room, you can ensure you’re completely comfortable with the subject matter – and be more confident about applying your new learnings when you get back to the office.

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Five minutes with an Esri Australia trainer – John Hasthorpe

Meet John Hasthorpe – one of Esri Australia’s most popular trainers. A specialist in ArcGIS for Desktop, ArcGIS for Server and ArcObjects – John’s career as a GIS professional spans nearly a decade.John Hasthorpe

Tell us about your role as a Senior Consultant for Professional Services at Esri Australia – what are you responsible for?

I’m a member of the training team and am primarily responsible for the delivery of ArcGIS for Server based training courses. I am also involved in the development of new training methods, approaches and resources, and look after all enterprise courses and provide mentorship to the trainers that teach them.

What do you love most about your job?

I really like having the opportunity to travel around the county and working with clients to help them get the most value out of their ArcGIS software investment. It is also great to have the opportunity to find out what our clients are doing with the software within their organisation.

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Extend your training dollar this new financial year

To help you plan your training requirements for the coming financial year, I thought I’d share a tip on how you can get the most value from the budget you’ve been assigned.

A common problem we hear from users is difficulty breaking through the administrative and budgetary red tape when it comes to getting training courses approved.

To address this issue, we introduced the Learning and Services Credit program, which gives you a flexible means to budget for training and Professional Services throughout the year.

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5 minutes with Esri Australia’s Training Coordinator

Meet Isabel Duncan – Esri Australia’s Training Coordinator. Isabel has been in the role for four months – and has already worked closely with many of our users on their training needs. To give you a little more insight into Isabel, she spent five minutes in the hot seat, answering all our questions.


Tell us about your role as the Esri Australia Training Coordinator – what are you responsible for?

Isabel Duncan: I assist in the organisation of over 250 scheduled training courses and 100 client exclusive training courses throughout the year. This involves: advising customers of the next step in their current training pathway based on their knowledge level; organising client exclusive courses for organisations; and, managing the logistics and enrolments of weekly scheduled training courses.

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Cradle Coast NRM shares its tips for ArcGIS Online success

ArcGIS Online is helping a growing number of Australian organisations easily create and share compelling, fit-for-purpose web maps. One such organisation is Cradle Coast Natural Resources Management (NRM) – a not-for-profit group responsible for coordinating natural resource management programs in North West Tasmania.

Mark Wisniewski – Cradle Coast NRM’s Project Officer – speaks to Esri Australia’s Sally Hall about how his ArcGIS Online experience started with four simple online tutorials.

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Ozri 2013 is only 8 weeks away!

With Ozri 2013 fast approaching we are all geared up and ready for what is going to be a supercharged GIS event.

We have extended the Early Bird Special, so if you haven’t yet snapped up a ticket you have until the end of this week (Friday 12 July) to take advantage of this offer.

Last year’s Ozri event included everything from international Esri specialists and crowd favourites like Mike King to some of Australia’s most progressive geo-enabled organisations, our own local home grown GIS superstars, and even amazing laser shows and aerial performers.

Here are some highlights from Ozri 2012:

Mike King presenting at Ozri 2012

Mike King presenting at Ozri 2012

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2012 – A big year for training!

Well it’s December again – and what a busy year it’s been in Training at Esri Australia!  There’s been a change at the helm, with Laura Berman moving to the role of Partner Manager, and my transition from Senior Trainer to Training Manager.  Millie Chen – our Training Coordinator – has returned from maternity leave, and we have a number of new trainers who’ve started this year.  Exciting times!

One of our major achievements this year has been the certification of our trainers.  We now have 26 trainers certified in Esri software (Desktop, Developer, Database and Server) and CompTIA accredited (CTT+ – Computer based education certification).  We also have two accredited Telvent trainers who can teach ArcFM courses.  The level of experience required to gain this accreditation is critical for delivering the highest quality GIS training for you, our clients.

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Tech Directions….top 5 take aways.

Well this round of Tech Directions has been and gone.

3 weeks, 8 cities and over 1,100 attendees turned out to see what is happening in our industry, the latest trends which are influencing how we as a GIS community work and what our clients and consumers expect… and to see ArcGIS 10 in action.

So after speaking with our presenters, looking at ALL the evaluation forms (a big thank you, we have made some changes already based on your suggestions; i.e. an agenda handout will be provided at the start of the event as well as on the blog) and attending an event myself, here are the top 5 take aways from Tech Directions.

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