Launch a location platform that takes off

As we begin a new year, are you thinking of how to communicate the benefits of using location information to get GIS to really take off in your organisation? Have you got your ArcGIS Organisational account ready to go? If so, a series of new publications are now available to help you get the most from your ArcGIS platform.

The Launch Guide shows you how to prepare for and begin using location information. It provides the steps to help launch a location platform for your organisation and a strategy for successfully adopting location technology within your organisation. It contains:

  • A strategy for planning, testing, and rolling out a location platform
  • Examples, case studies, and quotes from customers who have implemented the location platform
  • Checklists, templates, and communication examples to help move an implementation forward
  • Resources for self-help, training and contact information for assistance

As you introduce members of your organisation to your location platform, it’s important to properly guide individuals and teams in a way that is easy, fun, valuable and rewarding.

The Change Management Kit is a collection of activities and promotional tools that can be used to engage and excite members of your organisation during the implementation of your location platform. It contains:

  • Lunch and learn activities to excite and educate your organisation
  • Story mapping examples to demonstrate powerful mapping communication capabilities
  • Data, Data Everywhere – an activity to get your organisation thinking about using information in the location platform
  • Posters to promote and inform people about the launch and upcoming activities
  • Map pin graphics to brand the launch of your location platform

Also available is the Administering Your Location Platform publication, a go-to guide providing the best practices and resources you need to streamline your location platform.

If you would like more information, our consultants can help you launch the location platform in your organisation. Contact Esri Australia to find out more.


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