Making technical training count – customised learning and capitalising on momentum

Since joining the Esri Australia training team, I have had the privilege of working with many of our largest and longest standing clients, in addition to new clients migrating from other GIS technologies, or embracing location analytics for the first time.

The common thread here though is that regardless of an organisation’s experience with location, every client I speak to is eager to embrace enterprise-wide change – a point that particularly rings true when organisations strengthen their software deployment with Esri Australia technical training.

During the software introduction phase, I work with clients to develop customised GIS training – looking at how ArcGIS technology will be used within their organisation, and tailoring content to meet their particular business needs.

This assists every member of an organisation – from those in geo-centric or geo-enabled roles (e.g. GIS analysts, asset managers) to administrative and technical staff, as well as managers and executives. And because clients have buy-in during the training development phase, the content provided is ‘fit-for-purpose’, rather than simply being ‘out-of-the-box’.

Going a step further, I have also acted as a ‘floor walker’ for various organisations – spending time with staff following a training course to help them take advantage of their new skills and put their freshly acquired knowledge into action.

Capitalising on the momentum created by customised training, I work with staff to ensure they maximise the capabilities of ArcGIS:

  • Demonstrating Esri best practice when using sensitive and real-time data
  • Developing and documenting recommended ArcGIS operating procedures
  • Empowering non-GIS staff to use the ArcGIS platform for tasks beyond production

Whether your organisation is new to the ArcGIS platform, or you’re looking to upgrade your software – customised training with an Esri Australia technical adviser will guarantee your return on investment.

And it’s this enterprise-wide growth which is very rewarding to be a part of.

So before you implement a new ArcGIS platform solution, I encourage you to contact a member of the Esri Australia training team to discuss a roll-out that works for you.

Professionally configured and managed ArcGIS deployment will ensure your organisation unlocks the unlimited power of geography.


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